Terms and Conditions

Customer Responsibilities

General Policy

• Blackbox Guard under no circumstances is liable for any malfunctions of its’ products that may result in unexpected data loss. Customers are SOLELY responsible to regularly check and maintain accuracy and functionality of their purchased BBG devices during life of their ownership.

• Purchasing any of our products constitutes agreement to all of the contents of Customer Responsibilities of this page.

Notice before Memory Card Usage

• Please turn off the device when inserting or removing memory card.

• Blackbox Guard is NOT responsible for any memory card failure that may result in unexpected data loss. In order to prolong the life of memory card and minimize risk of data loss, it is recommended to format memory card every 2 weeks.

• In order to minimize undesired malfunctions, do not place or use device in humid and/or continued high/low temperature surroundings. Do not expose device in rain or dust(device is NOT weather resistant). Please avoid using device in electrostatic areas to prevent shock and/or malfunction. It is designed for indoor(in-car) use ONLY!

• Frequently backing-up(saving) important data unto hard disks/PC/Smart phone to prevent unexpected data loss is recommended. 

•It is recommended to check and update system time on regular basis(once a week) to ensure accuracy.


• Please be familiar with the device’s manual, functions,purpose before usage

• Please check to see if the device works properly beforedriving

• Please manage your SD card carefully for normal recordingof the device

• Please use the pc to check if all the video recordings areworking properly

• Please get into a habit of formatting the device bypressing the two rear buttons periodically.

• Recording function will not work while the device isformatting.

• It is dangerous to use buttons on dash cams while vehicleis in motion.  Please make sure vehicleis parked before making any setting changes on device or on phone application.

• Please do not attempt to disassemble or repair BBG deviceunder any circumstances as it WILL VOID all warranty.

• Please do not place any metallic materials on top or neardevice to prevent malfunction.

For More Information or To Become a BBG Dealer call 1-800-587-3833