Parking Assist – PL Series

LCD Size7-inch PVI/Aspect Ratio 16:99-inch Aspect Ratio 16:9
LCD Resolution440 x 230800 x 480
LCD Brightness350 cd/m²500 cd/m²
MonitorDash Board MountDash Board Mount
Monitor Dimension7” x 4.7” x 1”9.4” x 5.2” x 1”
Monitor Weight12.3 Ounces15 Ounces
LCD Input Power12V or 24V or Free volts(Option)12V or 24V or Free volts(Option)
LCD Operating
-4 ~ 149 Fahrenheit-4 ~ 149 Fahrenheit
Length of LCD Cable8.2ft(Longer cable are available)8.2ft(Longer cable are available)
Rear SensorUltrasonic SensorUltrasonic Sensor
Ultrasonic Frequency40kHz40kHz
Rear Sensor
1.31 to 5.9ft1.31 to 5.9ft
Sensor and CableWaterproofWaterproof
Camera1/2.9” Class Single Chip(60fps)
(also available with different size cameras)
1/2.9” Class Single Chip (60fps)
(also available with different size cameras)
Camera CMOS410k pixel CMOS VGA output410k pixel CMOS VGA output
Camera Illumination0.3Lux (LED On : 0Lux)0.3Lux (LED On : 0Lux)
Camera Angle136° Wide Viewing Angle136° Wide Viewing Angle
Camera and CableWaterproofWaterproof
Camera IR LEDBuilt-in 7 IR LEDsBuilt-in 7 IR LEDs
Camera and Sensor
Input Power
12V or 24V or Free volts(option)12V or 24V or Free volts(option)
Camera and Sensor
Operating Temperature
-4 ~ 149 Fahrenheit-4 ~ 149 Fahrenheit
Camera and Sensor
Length of Cable
26.25ft(Longer cable are available)26.25ft(Longer cable are available)

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