Satellite GPS System

Wondering where your delivery fleets have been all day? Until now, you were only able to guess or imagine the productivity of your employees when making delivery routes to your customers. Our satellite linked GPS unit when combined with the versatility of Google map creates a very powerful network in verifying where a vehicle had been or identifying where an accident(event) had taken place. Our free viewer program, through “Snail trail” feature, allows delivery based business owners to compare routes and speed of each vehicles to help maximize delivery efficiency. Essentially, Blackbox Guard cameras can record every journey of every vehicle in your fleet. And all this can be viewed and shared on social network via a smart phone or a PC. No paid subscription required. Now… imagine that!

Emergency Notification System

We are the first and the only in the industry to use a smart phone application where an emergency SMS(text) can be automatically sent on your behalf in an event of an unfortunate accident where the driver becomes unconscious. Name, license plate and the exact GPS location will be sent to a phone number of your choosing to alert the state of emergency! Our state of the art Gyroscope sensor initiates the ENS aka Emergency Notification System where by satellite identifies the exact location to send for help; one of many safety measures we have applied for driver security. No paid subscription required!

Car Battery Protection

Unlike many competitor, a battery sensing module is built right into every Blackbox Guard units to allow continued video recording even while the vehicle has been parked and ignition turned off. Blackbox Guard can be installed directly to a vehicle’s power supply to continuously monitor the vehicle’s battery level. This allows the unit to automatically turn off should the battery level drop below a certain threshold of your choosing between 11.8V to 12.2V, thereby saving your car’s battery from unnecessary power outage.


Blackbox Guard is a technology innovator where we were the first to introduce WIFI technology to the industry. Not only did we introduce WIFI before anyone else, we have continued to further develop to perfection insuring connectivity every time you log on. When paired with our patented smartphone application(provided free), our “S01W and S02W”models allow real time viewing(within typical wifi range) as well as instantaneous media uploading to facebook, youtube and email. ENS (emergency notification system) is also made possible through WIFI technology where by emergency SMS(text) can be automatically sent on your behalf in an event of an accident where you become unconscious.

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