FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why are more and more drivers installing Blackboxes/Dash Cams?
Over recent years, the U.S. population has developed a concern for the safety and security of their vehicles. Consumers are realizing that Blackboxes are a tool which can used to satisfy these concerns. The continued rapid increase in technology is providing consumers with more up to date safety and security options for their vehicles.
2. What is the difference between a “Blackbox” and a “Dash Cam”?
No difference at all. Many Asian countries have called it a blackbox originating from an airplane blackbox idea. But here in US, it is called both a Blackbox or a Dashcam.
3. What are the benefits?
Arguably, there a several advantages to using Blackboxes within vehicles. Unquestionably the most prominent benefit for our customers has been to limit their liability in insurance disputes. Dash cam footage may be tendered as evidence to deny liability for the innocent party in a car accident. Disputes arising concerning which party is at fault can be circumvented through the use of a Blackbox.
4. Can it lead to increased safety on the road if people know they may be caught out?
This is certainly the key point in addressing road safety. The increased awareness of Blackboxes being used on our roads acts as a deterrent for drivers, putting them on notice that their actions are subject to the risk of being caught. Blackboxes can have the same affect that road safety and red light cameras have on our roads. When people become aware that they are driving within the vicinity of these cameras, the natural response is put a stop to their illegal driving habits. Similarly, with the use of Blackboxes, if drivers on our roads realize that this device can capture them committing road offences, which may lead to police prosecution, they may become reluctant to commit these offences.
5. Are Blackboxes/Dash Cams legal in US?
Yes, they are legal in all states of US and are actually highly regarded by insurance companies and the Police because the footage may help them take the guess work out of the situation.
6. Which Blackboxguard model should I buy?
There are different types of blackboxes you can choose from… dual channel systems to single channel, Wifi connected and Emergency Notification enabled. Please refer to our product comparison page for a full side by side specification comparison to see what works best for you. View All Models
7. Can I install a Blackbox myself?
All of our cameras are plug & play which means they come with everything you need to get started. Do It Yourself installation is simple. It involves mounting the product to the interior of your cars windscreen, and then plugging the unit into the cigarette lighter for power. To avoid the wires hanging down from the windscreen, you can fix the wires around your windscreen using our Cable Clips(provided) and/or hide the wire under the trim of your vehicle as follows- wiring If you are looking for a Dash Cam that has “ Parking Mode” or “ Motion Detection “ it is recommended that you get a certified Auto Electrician to hardwire the Dash Cam to your cars battery so it has a constant power source to perform these functions. The hardwire would need to be performed through an additional hardwiring kit (Provided) Watch our Installation Video 
8. What is “Loop Recording”?
All of our blackboxes are currently utilizing the loop recording system. Loop recording is when the camera automatically deletes the oldest dated files to make room for new recordings i.e. the camera may be deleting recorded files from last Tuesday when you’re driving on Sunday morning.
9. What is a “G-Sensor” feature on a dash camera?
A “G Sensor” is short for “Gyroscope Sensor” used in all Blackboxguard products to detect any impact or change in level of vehicle.
10. Is there a “Panic” button to start recording and save on demand on the blackbox?
Yes. Push and hold The far left button for 3 seconds to achieve this function.
11. How long does each videos record?
30 seconds for normal mode. 20 seconds for event, parking, panic mode.
12. Can I Purchase an SD Card on my own to upgrade memory?
Yes. Just make sure to buy a “class 10” rated Micro SD card to ensure warranty coverage.
13. What is the maximum allowed memory capacity for Blackboxguard?
While up to 64GB may be functional, Blackboxguard guarantees only up to 32GB micro SD Card “Class 10” rating as the maximum allowed capacity for the moment.
14. How much recording time can I get with the memory card?
The recording time is depending on the size of the memory card as well as the resolution setting on your camera. Higher the resolution the shorter the recording time and vice versa. 32GB 4 to 12 hours 16GB 2 to 6 hours 8GB 1 to 3 hours Please note that actual results may differ due to the surrounding conditions.
15. What country is Blackboxguard products manufactured from?
South Korea.


1. What payment methods do you accept?
Blackbox Guard accepts payments via Visa, Mater Card, Amex and PayPal. You can rest assure knowing your online transactions and information are processed safely and securely over Secure Sockets Layer connection (SSL). This is the internet standard online security protection offered by PayPal.
2. How can I place an order?
Customers can easily and securely place an order from our website blackboxguard.com as shown below or simply call 1-800-587-3833 to place your order. Available from Monday through Friday 9AM – 6PM.
3. Any discounts for Corporate or Bulk purchases?
Blackbox Guard offers discounts for orders of 4 units or more. Please call 1-800-587-3833 to place your bulk order. Available from Monday through Friday 9AM – 6PM.
4. Can I offer cash on pickup?
Yes. You can come directly to Blackbox Guard’s corporate office for the direct pick up option. Our address is 4221 Wilshire Blvd. #395 Los Angeles, CA. 90010


1. How soon do orders ship out?
Your order will be shipped within 24 business hours of order upon confirmation of payment or clearance of PayPal.
2. Does Blackboxguard ship to HI AK?
Yes. But shipping and handling charge may increase.
3. How long does it normally take for item to arrive?
Typically 3 to 5 business days.
4. Where do items ship from?
Los Angeles, CA.


1. What does it mean to format your card and how often should you do it?
Formatting your card means empting or deleting the files in the SD card. It is recommended that you format the SD memory card at least once a month basis, this ensures you minimize the risk of corrupt files the card may run into after an extended amount of use. You can format the SD card directly from the unit itself or simply right click the SD icon in “My computer” on any PC and click Format.
2. My Dash Cam has been acting up weird recently. What should I do?
Please try one of the following to reset. a. Reformat your Card.
      I. To re-format the SD card, simply insert the card into your PC.(you may use the provided adapter)
      II. Click into “My Computer” and right click on the removable disk.
      III. There you will see an option saying FORMAT. Click FORMAT and follow the directions.
    IIII. Or hold down the two rear buttons on the back of your Blackbox for 5 seconds to format SD Card.
b. Restore back to the factory settings either from the provided viewer program or directly from the provided smartphone app under Setup where it’s says “Factory Default”
      c. Go to www.blackboxguard.com to see any firmware update is available from Download/Support tab. And follow instruction to update firmware.
      d. Simply unplug power from your Blackbox and re-plug after 5 minutes of cooking time.
    e. If all of the above did not fix problem, please contact customer service for assistance at
1-800-587-3833. Available from Monday through Friday 9AM – 6PM.
3. What is the return policy?
In the unlikely event you’ve received damaged, defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise, we will need to be notified in order to facilitate a replacement. Please Check Terms and Conditions. Shipping & Return Policy

For More Information or To Become a BBG Dealer call 1-800-587-3833