About Blackbox Guard Inc

Blackbox Guard, Inc. is one of the world’s most advanced vehicle video camera manufacturer
producing innovative and state of the art vehicle safety network.

Each of our models are designed to capture, record and save video/audio data 24/7 which during an unfortunate accident or vandalism you may use as evidence. The video documentation will help exonerate a non-fault situation and help mitigate legal and financial risk.
We are the first in the industry to apply a smart phone application where 911 emergency can be notified on your behalf in an event of an unfortunate accident where the driver becomes unconscious.
Our state of the art Gyroscope and Motion sensors insure our Automatic Crash Sensors to initiate the ENS aka Emergency Notification System where by satellite identifies the exact location to send for help;one of many safety features we have implemented for driver security. A Blackbox Guard camera doesn’t just shoot stills and videos: It senses, secures, witnesses, rescues and ultimately provides a sense of freedom and safety for you and your loved ones. Blackbox Guard is an empowering vehicle security experience that puts YOU in control.About Us My Account Terms and conditions Shipping Authorized Dealers Contact Us Site Map Facebook

For More Information or To Become a BBG Dealer call 1-800-587-3833