Wifi Connectivity

Built-in Wi-Fi / Available Smartphone Apps
All BBG models come equipped with Wifi connectivity that enables users to view and down/upload video data onto a smartphone via Blackbox Guard’s patented phone application. The application allows users to stream live video and/or save data to playback, archive and upload on emails, facebook, youtube and other popular social media.

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blackboxguard apps


  • Satellite GPS System

    Keep track of your vehicle’s

    location as you drive

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  • Emergency Notification System

    Automactically notifies

    in case of accident

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  • Car Battery Protection System

    Prevent discharge of

    vehicle battery

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  • Wifi Smartphone Apps

    Watch live view

    or Download footage

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Introducing Blackboxguard

Blackbox Guard, Inc. is one of the world’s most advanced vehicle video camera manufacturer producing innovative and state of the art vehicle safety network. Each of our models are designed to capture, record and save video/audio data 24/7 which during an unfortunate accident or vandalism you may use as evidence. The video documentation will help exonerate a non-fault situation and help mitigate legal and financial risk.

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Who Needs Blackbox Guard?

  • Personal Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Coach/Shuttles
  • Taxi/Public Transportation
  • Law Enforcement /Security
  • Elderly Parents who
          require extra care
  • Logistics /Delivery
  • School Bus
  • Commercial Fleets
  • Trucking Companies
  • Recreation Vehicles
  • Teenagers who are just
          learning to drive


Dash Camera Systems are Beneficial Tools for Safe Highway Travel

Dash Cams are very popular all over the world and used frequently in places such as Orange County and San Francisco. There are many benefits offered to those who utilize the system in their vehicles. There is also a growing demand for vehicle cameras in several different genres because they provide detailed information and images in the event of an accident for insurance purposes.
The cameras are widely in use by private entities as well as public service sectors. That is why quality manufactured dash cams are a
worthwhile investment for personal and vehicle safety.

The Burden of Proof

In the event of an accident or other critical occurrences, the series of events can happen so fast that it’s virtually impossible to remember the specifics exactly as they occurred. Equipment such as the Blackbox Guard Car Camera, makes these events easier to validate in terms of what took place and who, if anyone, was at fault. There are retail cameras that mount on the dashboard of vehicles and various industries in Los Angeles are making them a custom part of their vehicle fleet. The ability to prove the sequences of events in some situations can potentially save businesses and private sectors a great deal of money. Dash cam systems provide convenient resolutions to law enforcement agencies and those they serve on a daily basis.

  • Protection from Fraudulent Claims
  • Insurance Claims are Easily Validated
  • Safer Roads and Highways

  • Increased Driver Awareness
  • Promotes safer driving habits
  • Provide indisputable video evidence to     exonerate non-fault accidents

  • Automatically records unexpected events
  • No Subscription fee required
  • Records HD quality family/road trips

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